Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday midweek match/Wood/23 fished

1. R Pond..peg 6..44lb 8oz
2. J Thompson..peg 26..40lb 12oz
3. Jo Fowler..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 9..38lb 8oz
4. Gavin Bridge..Browning Wickford..peg 10..31lb
5. Mark Goodman..peg 34..29lb
6. Jim Trew..Maver/Colemans/MP..peg 32..25lb
7. Peter Binks..Colemns Bait & Tackle..peg 20..24lb 8oz
8. Jeff Church..Maver/Colemans/MP..peg 14..23lb 12oz
9. Terry Edwards..Browning Wickford..peg 18..20lb 8oz
10.Pat Cooper..Dynamite Baits..peg 3..18lb 8oz
10. Tony Day..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 12..18lb 8oz
12. Les Hills..Maver/Colemans/MP..peg 7..17lb 8oz
12. Trevor Hayden..peg 23..17lb 8oz
14. Tony Lee..Maver/Colemans/MP..peg 22..17lb
15. Kim Hollick..Felixstowe/Colemans..peg 25..16lb 12oz
16. G Ambrose..peg 38..16lb 4oz
17. Martin Redfern.Willis..peg 1.. 15lb
18. Gary Hollick..Felixstowe/Colemans..peg 29..14lb
19. D Smee..peg 39..12lb
20. Andrew Dearing..Suffolk..peg 4..7lb
3 x D.N.W.

With everyone having to break 1/2" thick ice after another freezing night those who could find deep water did well with maggot and pellet.
Jeff on peg 14 took best silver with 4lb 8oz by default.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Saturday open/Wood....Sunday Open/Stepfield..20 fished


1. Cliff Adams..Browning Wickford..peg 12..39lb 8oz
2. Steve Clark..peg 37..36lb
3. Denis Jarvis..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 21..33lb
4.Tony Day..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 38..24lb 8oz
5. Mick Taylor.. peg 28..21 lb 12oz
6. J Thompson..peg 23..20lb


1. Simon Colclough..Browning Wickford..peg 2..66lb
2. T Shirmer..peg 18..64lb
3. Paul Chambers..Browning Wickford..peg 16..46lb
4. Tim Bruce..Browning Wickford..peg 15..23lb 12oz
5. P Smith.. peg 5.. 18lb
6. Jim Barrowman..peg 22..17lb 12oz
7. Gary Hollick..Felixstowe..peg 8..17lb
7. John Shepherd..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 21...17lb
9. M Goodman..peg 13..16lb 12oz
10. Jonnie Cousins..Carier Ac..peg 7..14lb

The extremely cold spell for December in the South East is still affecting weights all round.
Sunday Simon on peg 2 Stepfield fished long using bread coming in at 5 metres with pellet to land a mix of F1s and Carp.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tuesday Mid week Match /31 fished Wood/Pathfield

1. Tom Wallis
2. Kim Hollick
3. Jeff Church
4. Peter Binks

1. Tom Wallis.Browning Wickford.Peg 14..112lb 8oz
2. Jeff Church.Maver/Colemans/MP.peg 26..79lb
3. Jim Barrowman..peg 28..73lb
4. Cliff Adams..Browning Wickford..peg 29..70lb 12oz
5. Gavin Bridge..Browning Wickford..peg 18..65lb
6. Wayne Candy. Browning Wickford..peg 6..56lb
7. Dennis Jarvis..Colemans Bait & Tackle .peg 16..47lb
8. Bernie Fraser..peg 36..37lb
9. Tim Bruce..Browning Wickford.peg 22..35lb
10. A Bolt..peg 12..32lb
11. Rav Pisana..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 4..21lb
12.Roger Gillingham.Crown Angling..peg 9..15lb 12oz


1. Kim Hollick.Felixstowe/Colemans B&T.peg 16..75lb
2. Peter Binks.Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 13..58lb
3. Tony Lee.. Maver/Colemans/MP...peg11..51 lb 8oz
4. Frank Thomas.Browning Wickford..peg 26..44lb
5. John Shepherd.Colemans Bait & Tackle...peg 6..39lb 8oz
6. Barry Hatch..Burts Baits.peg 35..34lb
7. Zoli Lari..Ipswich..peg 33..32lb
8. Gary Ford..peg 30..29lb
9. Les Hills.Maver/Colemans/MP..peg 1..21 lb 8oz
10. Barry Cheeseman.peg 9..20lb
11. M Toulson..peg 23..15lb
12. Reg Pantin...peg 3..11lb 8oz

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday open/23 fished Pathfield

1. Peter Binks..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 6..55lb
2. Terry Edwards..Browning Wickford..peg 11..43lb
3. J Derry..peg 30..40lb
4. Paul Chambers..Browning Wickford..peg 9...29lb
5. Mark Brown..Browning Wickford..peg 36..28lb 12oz
6. Fred Jones..Dalston..peg 23..23lb
7. Gary Bell..Lakelands..peg 1..21 lb
7. Clive Nada..Colemans Bait & Tackle.peg 35...21 lb
9. Frank Thomas..Browning Wickford..peg 16..20lb 12oz
10.Gary Hollick..Felixstowe/Colemans B&T..peg 13..19lb 12oz

The weather bitterly cold and with a  West wind it was a hard days fishing.
Bread and pellet are still the favoured bait.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday/14 fished Wood

1. Frank Thomas..Browning Wickford..peg 9..105lb 8oz
2. Zoli Lari..Ipswich..peg 37..59lb
3. Trevor Hayden..peg 23..51 lb
4. Peter Binks..Colemans Bait & Tackle...peg 14..45lb 8oz
5. Gavin Bridge..Browning Wickford..peg 14..41 lb 8oz
6. J Thompson..peg 26..34lb
7. Pat Cooper..Dynamite Baits..peg 28..32lb
8. Gary Hollick..Felixstowe/Colemans B&T..peg 6..26lb

Frank fished to the aerator with pellet finding the F1s then going long for the carp.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Colemans forthcoming Spring League 2015

The Spring league is starting on 11th January 2015.
Running for 12 weeks.
Drop 2 results.
£15 entry.
A & B Finals being held on 26th April 2015 on Wood & Pathfield.

Limited places left!!...we are stopping at 80..
For further enquiries or to book on please call Paul on 07760445600.

18 fished Pathfield/Thursday

1. Jim Trew..Maver/Colemans/MP...peg 1..74lb
2. Jim Barrowman..peg 9..71 lb 8oz
3. Gary Cooper..peg 7..71lb
4. j Bellshaw..peg 13..68lb 8oz
5. A Bolt..peg 5..66lb
6. Frank Thomas..Browning Wickford..peg 3..62lb 8oz
7. Daren Hutchinson..Maver/Colemans/MP..peg 26..60lb 8oz
8. Mark Pollard..peg 11..60lb
9. Rav Pisana..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 17..56lb
10. Clive Nada..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 32..52lb
11. Kim Hollick..Felixstowe/Colemans..peg 19..51 lb 8oz
12. Tony Lee..peg 30..47lb
13. Jeff Church..Maver/Colemans/MP..peg 21..46lb 8oz
14. M Millard..peg 36..41lb 8oz
15. John Shepherd..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 34..35lb
3 x D.N.W

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday 23 fished Wood

1. Peter Binks..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 28..110lb
2. Pat Cooper..Dynamite Bait..peg 37..84lb 12oz
3. Peter Steward..Browning Wickford..peg 21..62lb 12oz
4. Gary Hollick..Felixstowe/Colemans B&T..peg 23..51 lb
5. Colin Booth..Carier AC..peg 38..43lb 12oz
6. Daren Hutchinson..Maver/Colemans/MP..peg 10..42lb
7. Jeff Church..Maver/Colemans/MP..peg 26..38lb
8. Jim Trew..Maver/Colemans/MP..peg 4..35lb
8. Tony Day..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 33..35lb
10. Roger Gillingham..Crown Tackle..peg 17..33lb
11. Cliff Adams..Browning Wickford..peg 11..30lb
12. C Pillott..peg 13..28lb
13. Jim Barrowman..peg 3..27lb 4oz
14. Damian Curtis..Carier AC..peg 9..27lb
15. Denis Jarvis..Colemans..peg 29..26lb 8oz
16. Tony Cheeseman..peg 35..21 lb
7 x D.N.W.

Thursdays open  Pathfield/ £16 ...£5 Superpool

All 8.30am Draw..fishing 10 - 3

Saturdays /Wood/ £23
Sunday/Pathfield /£23

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday open/18 fished Wood side of Stepfield

1. Peter Binks..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 8..108lb
2. Gary Hollick..Felixstowe/Colemans B&T..peg 12..65lb 8oz
3. Gavin Bridge..Browning Wickford..peg 15..61lb
4. Terry Edwards..Browning Wickford..peg 30..59lb 8oz
5. Cliff Adams..Browning Wickford..peg 13..54lb
6. John Shepherd..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 6..43lb 8oz
7. Mark Brown..Browning Wickford..peg 18..37lb 8oz
8. Paul Chambers..Browning Wickford..peg 24..28lb
8. Denis Jarvis..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 26..28lb
10. Peter Steward..Browning Wickford..peg 32..21lb 8oz
11. I  Shepherd..peg 10..20lb
12. Wayne Hughes..peg 19..18lb
13. Fred Jones..Dalston..peg 28..16lb
14.Brian Mansfield..peg 21..14lb
15. Mick Bodymede..peg 16..10lb 8oz
3 x D.N.W

The Day was sunny, sharp and bright but following freezing temperatures throughout the night that led to ice forming on all the lakes and ice breakers having to be used for the first time here this winter, weights  were understandably a little lower all round.... However all  the matches went ahead.
On the open match  with the water clear Peter started off long with bread, however without  success , but then going down the edge with pellet caught a good mix of carp to 3lb and F1s. No joy whatever fishing in front.
Gary had mainly carp to 5lb - 6lb .

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday/20 fished Wood

1. Rav Pisana..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 25..89lb
2. Jamie Thompson..Crossdrove..peg 22..80lb 12oz
3. Mark Brown..Browning Wickford..peg 2..58lb
4. Alan Lee..Bills Tackle..peg 26..52lb
5. Zoli Lari..Ipswich..peg 20..50lb 12oz
6. W Swallow..peg 10..49lb
7. Kim Hollick..Felixstowe..peg 33..48lb 8oz
8. Andrew Dearing..peg 35..43lb
9. Dick Booth..peg 6..39lb 8oz
10. Gavin Bridge..Browning Wickford..peg 23..39lb
11. Jim Barrowman..PW Angling..peg 16..36lb
11. Cliff Adams..Browning Wickford..peg 30..36lb
13. R Bond..peg 37..32lb 4oz
14. Denis Jarvis..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 9..31lb 8oz
15. V Cross.peg 12..30lb 8oz
16. B Cheeseman..peg 38..24lb 8oz
17. Jonnie Cousins..Carier AC..peg 18..18lb
18. Stuart Bracey..Crossdrove..peg4..16lb
18.L Hawkins..peg 14..16lb
 1 D.N.W.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Tuesday/16 fished Wood

1.Gary Hollick..Colemans/Felixtowe..peg 38..112lb 8oz
2. Cliff Adams ..Browning Wickford..peg 2..50lb 8oz
3. Peter Binks..Colemans bait & Tackle..peg 30..50lb
4. Jim Barrowman..peg 4..49lb 8oz
5. Frank Thomas..Browning Wickford..peg 22..43lb
6. M Goodman..peg 6..42lb
7. Gavin Bridge..Browning Wickford..peg 36..40lb
8. Pat Cooper..Dynamite Baits..peg 26..33lb
9. Rav Pisana..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 18..32lb 8oz
10. Garvin Hazel..Tendring Tanglers..peg 12..32lb
11. Les Hills..Maver/Colemans/MP..peg 24..30lb
12. Jim Trew..Maver/Colemans/MP..peg 16..28lb
13. Roger Gillingham..Crown Angling..peg 9..27lb
14.Tony Day..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 28..18lb 8oz
2x D.N.W.

Early morning -2c - 3c.  Freezing ice on Pathfield and Copse today, though Wood stayed ice free there was still a chill factor throughout the match.
Gary fished at 14 1/2 metres using maggot, starting to feed a small amount of pellet about  1. 30pm  to land F1s and Carp.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Saturdays open/17 fished Pathfield

1. Wayne Candy..Browning Wickford..peg 23..54lb
2. Jim Barraman..peg 32..50lb
3. Peter Binks..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 30..47lb
4. Tony Day..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 36..46lb 8oz
5. Jeff Church.Maver/Colemans/MP...peg 2 ..45lb 8oz
6. Pat Cooper..Dynamite Bait..peg 11..36lb
6. Mark Brown..Browning Wickford..peg 13..36lb
6. R Pond..peg 26..36lb
9. J Thompson..peg 34..35lb 4oz
10. Joe Fowler..peg 21..29lb 8oz
11. Simon Levy..Jordon..peg 19..24lb
12. Gavin Bridge..Browning Wickford..peg 6..18lb
12. Roger Gillingham..Crown Angling..peg 9..18lb
14. Tony Martin..peg 4..16lb
15.Mick Bodymead..Carier AC..peg 17..11lb
2 x D.N.W pegs 15 & 28

On probably the coldest day of the year so far with freezing groundfrost from start to finish, weights were lower all round. Wayne fished long to the island with 4ml pellet feeding very lightly.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Tuesday/16 fished Stepfield

1. Peter Binks..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 16..137lb
2. Gavin Bridge..Browning Wickford..peg 18..124lb
3. Tony Lee..Maver/Colemans/Matchpack..peg 8..114lb 8oz
4. John Shepherd..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 2..89lb
5. Frank Thomas..Browning Wickford..peg 22..73lb
6. Jeff Church..Maver/Colemans/Matchpack..peg 24..66lb 8oz
7. Gary Cooper..Colemans..peg 4..65lb
8. Cliff Adams..Browning Wickford..peg 30..61 lb 8oz
9. Richard Watson..peg 28..52lb 8oz
10. Jonnie Cousins..Carier AC..peg 10.. 47lb 8oz
11. Daren Hutchinson..Maver/Colemans/Matchpack..peg 32..47lb
12. Jim Trew..Maver/Colemans/MP..peg 26..38lb
13..Les Hills..Maver/Colemans/Matchpack..peg 14..Mavet/Colemans/MP.30lb
3 D.N.W