Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday/costcutter/16 fished Wood

1. Peter Binks..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 6...176lb 8oz
2. Kurt Chopin..Carier AC..peg 38..173lb
3. Kim Hollick..Suffolk..peg 25..136lb 8oz
4.Peter Steward..Browning Wickford..peg 21..134lb
5. Jeff Church..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 19..129lb
6. Jim Trew..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 33..113lb
7. Graham Garnham..Essex Police..peg 10..109lb 8oz
8. Tony Lee..DH Floats..peg 16..102lb
9. Jim Dodkins..Colemans..peg 27..101lb
10. Tony Martin..peg 29..97lb
11. Steve Gunner..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 8..95lb
12. Trevor Haydon..Matchpack..peg 4..88lb
13. Gary Hollick..Suffolk..peg 13..86lb 8oz
14. Roger Gillingham..peg 23..63lb
2x D.N.W

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday open/Pathfield

1. Gavin Bridge..Colemans B&T/DH Floats..peg 11..171 lb
2. Cliff Adams..Browning Wickford..peg 34..154lb 8oz
3. Peter Binks..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 30..120lb
4. Dale Smith..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 28..97lb 8oz
5. Alan Lee..Bills Tackle..peg 9..91 lb
6. B Emery..peg 13..78lb
7. K Gooderham..Browning Wickford..peg 23..61 lb
8. Steve Daniels..Colemans..peg 19..51 lb
x D.N.ws

Surprise Sunday open......and Thursday Costcutter result on Pathfield.

Thursday 5 hour match fish 1pm to 6pm

1. Jeff Church ..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 2..208lb
2. Jim Trew..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 34..188lb
3. Kurt Chopin..Carrier.AC..peg 32..167lb

Due to a match cancellation on Wood we are now putting it out for an open this Sunday.
Anyone interested please book on via e mail or calling Paul in the shop..thank you

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday costcutter /Wood

1. Jeff Church..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 31..220lb 8oz
2.  Peter Binks..Colemans B& T..peg 29..191lb 8oz
3. Gavin Bridge..Colemans B&T/DH Floats..peg 23..161lb
4. Steve Clark..Image..peg 25..121lb 8oz
5. Rav Pisana..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 18..114lb 8oz
6. Kim Hollick..Suffolk..peg 27..27..111 lb
7. Jim Trew..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 12..10 1lb
8. Frank Thomas..Browning Wickford..peg 14..99lb 8oz
9. Chris Orin..peg 10..71lb 8oz
10. Mark Orrin..peg 20..68lb 8oz

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Monday/ 27/Pairs fished Wood & Pathfield

Top 4 pairs
1. Gavin Bridge..Pathfield peg 32..116lb.1pt
&.Pat Cooper..Wood..peg 26..      119lb..2pts  

2. Jo Fowler Pathfield..peg 21..77lb 8oz..1pt
& Gary Bell..Wood..peg 10.... 102lb........2pts
                                         Total..179lb 8oz.3pts

3. D Harold..Pathfield..peg 25..73lb 8oz..3pts
& R Harold..Wood......peg 31.. 147lb......1pt

4. Cliff Adams..Pathfield..peg 6..49lb.....3pts
& Mark Brown..Wood..peg 38...112lb....1pt
                                          Total. 161lb....4pts

Top 13 Pathfield
1.Gavin Bridge..peg 32..116lb
2, Rav Pisana....peg 35..92lb
3. Ross Bibbey..peg 2...86lb 8oz
4. Jo Fowler......peg 21..77lb 8oz
5. D Harold.......peg 25..73lb 8oz
6. C Nada..........peg 16..73lb
7. Jason Collins.peg 4....66lb 8oz
8. Kim Hollick..peg 12..62lb 8oz
9. D Connock....peg 17 .56lb
9. Frank Thomas.peg 36.56lb
10. Robin Driscoll..peg 18..54lb
11. J Collins..peg 33..51lb
12. Cliff Adams..peg 6..49lb
12. Andy Leroy..peg 30..49lb

Top 13 Wood
1. R Harold......peg 31..147lb
2. Pat Cooper...peg 26..119lb
3. J Taylor........peg 25..118lb
4. Graham Garnham..peg 19..113lb
5. Mark Brown..peg 38..112lb
6. Danny Grimsey..peg 29..106lb
7.Gary Bell..peg 10..102lb
7. Gary Hopper..peg 23.102lb
9. Dean Tennant..peg 11..100lb
10.Jason Nash..peg 35..98lb.
11. Jeff Forman..peg 20..94lb
12.Paul Chambers..peg 16..93lb
13. Gary Hollick..peg 5..84lb

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturdays open/Wood

1.Frank Thomas Browning Wickford peg 13... 146lb
2.Peter Hunt Willis.. peg 27... 120lb 8oz
3.B Emery peg 21.. 120lb
4. Alan Lee Bills Tackle peg 31.. 106lb
5. Robert Houlding peg 9 ...105lb 8oz
6. Rav Pisana Colemans Bait & Tackle peg 23... 104lb
6. Roger Gillingham peg 35... 104lb
8. J Larrimer peg 17... 92lb
9. Mark Wiggins peg 11 ...85lb 8oz
9. J Collop peg 25... 85lb 8oz
11.Terry Edwards Browning Wickford peg 29.. 67lb
12. Les Hills peg 33 Matchpack/Colemans B&T..54lb 8oz
13 Keith Killock peg 19... 51lb.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Fridays open/Pathfield

1. Frank Thomas..Browning Wickford..peg 9..166lb
2. Jeff Church..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 11..150lb
3. Gsvin Bridge..Colemans B&T/DH Floats..peg 19..149lb
4. Steve Clark..Image..peg 15..148lb
5. Peter Binks..DH Floats..peg 26..116lb
6. Jim Trew..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 21..101lb
7. Ted Tully..peg 30..93lb
8. Rav Pisano.Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 7..92lb 8oz
9. Robert Houlding.C.A.P.s.peg 17..74lb
9. Steve Daniels..Colemans..peg 23..74lb

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday costcutter/28 fished Wood

1. Peter Binks..DH Floats..peg 19..138lb 8oz
2.Bernie Fraser..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 17..108lb
3. Peter Steward..Browning Wickford..peg 20..99lb
4. Jim Dodkins..Colemans..peg 33..95lb
5. Charlie Syles..Army..peg 14..93lb 8oz
6 Nick Flemming Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 31..92lb 8oz
7. Jeff Church..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 8..86lb 8oz
8. Paul Reddy..Lake John..peg 28..83lb
9. Gavin Bridge..Colemans/DH Floats..peg 25..81lb
10. Tony Lee..D H Floats..peg 11..80lb 8oz
11. Cliff Adams..Browning Wickford..peg 9..80lb
11. Gary Bell..Lakelands..peg 27..80lb
13. Gary Hollick..peg 29..77lb
14. Steve Clark..Image..peg 26..74lb
15. John Barrowman..peg 6..57lb 8oz
16. Jim Trew..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 1..49lb
17. Alan Luetchford..47lb

A sunny but cold fresh day followed an early morning ground frost resulting in a mix of weights on Wood

Nick had best silver net of 65lb on peg 31.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sundays Postal League Wood/Pathfield

Top 10 on the day

1. Colin Horwood. Harrow 'A' peg 12.. Wood..110.0.0
2. Steve Crawley. Mount Pleasant peg 25. Wood..65.0.0
3. Dicky Penn.Nordwest 'A'. peg 29. Wood..64.12.0
4.Dave Slatford.Western & Central 'A' peg 9. Wood.64.0.0
5. Ray Golding. Western & Central.'B.'. peg 16. Wood..64.0.0
6.Mick Elsom.Western& Central 'A' peg 3.Wood.60.3.0
7. Billy Noble. Nordwest 'A' peg 3 Pathfield 60.3.0
8. S Hall..Paddington'A' peg 20 Wood.59.8.0
9.Nick Warren. Western & Central .'B' peg 30 Wood. 59.2.0.
10.Mick Stanley. Harrow 'B' peg 21. Wood.58.10.0

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturdays open/18 fished Wood

1. Peter Binks..DH Floats..peg 27..189lb
2. Keith Gooderham..Browning Wickford..peg 38..188lb
3. Tony Curd..MAP..peg 16..175lb 8oz
4. Nick Flemming..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 6..161lb8oz
5. Jeff Church..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 22..142lb
6. Dale Smith..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 18..140lb
7. Bernie Fraser..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 12..137lb
8. B Emery..peg 32..130lb 8oz
9. Tony Lee..DH Float..peg 4..125lb
10. Alan Lee..Bills Tackle..peg 25..120lb 8oz
11. J Taylor..peg 23..112lb
12. Steve Daniels....DH Floats..peg 40..104lb 8oz
13. Les Hills ..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 36..94lb 8oz
14. J Lawrance..peg 9..82lb
15. Jonnie Cousins..Carier AC.. peg 2..51 lb
16. James Foot..peg 29..50lb

Peter was fishing corn and pellet down the edge to land carp to 6lb and f1s.
Kieth caught down the inside using dead maggot.
Tony fished down the edge with a  bed of pellet with dead maggot on top.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sundays Open

The Sunday opens have been cancelled until further notice.

Tuesdays and Saturdays opens will still run.

Good Friday there will be an open match and there is a pairs match on Easter Monday.

Please book on.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sunday open/Stepfield

1. Terry Edwards..Browning Wickford....peg15,,,217lb 8oz
2. Brian Mansfied..peg 4..113lb 8oz
3. D Smee..peg 11..108lb
4. Wayne Hughes..peg 19..106lb
5. Gary Ford..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 6...98lb
6. Phil Nicholls..peg 8..74lb
7. John Sycamore..Carier AC..peg 19..57lb
8. Jeff Forman..peg 13..56lb 8oz

Terry fished up in the water

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Easter Monday

An extra event over the Easter Weekend
On Easter Monday we will be running a pairs match.
To enter please book on..

Saturday open/Wood

1.Jeff Church...Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 28..155lb
1. Pat Cooper..Carier AC..peg 32..155lb
3. M Brown..peg 26..137lb
4. Wayne Candy..Browning Wickford..peg 38..133lb
5. John Weedon..Image..peg 9..125lb 8oz
6. Richard Watson..peg 2..111lb 8oz
7. Gooderham..peg 40..110lb
8. John Barrowman..peg 14..96lb
9. Alan Lee..Bills Tackle..peg 36..88lb
10. Tony Lee..DH Floats..peg 4..72lb 8ozlb

Pat and Jeff both fished pellet.
Pat on golden peg going 5lb over in his net! resulting in a tie.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Tuesday costcutter 29 fished Wood

1.Frank Thomas...Browning Wickford..peg 16..134lb
2.John Barrowman..Colemans..peg 25..123lb
3.Gary Bell..Lakelands..peg 26..109lb
4.Phil Pasiera..Browning Wickford..peg 38.93lb
5.Jeff Church..Matchpack/Colemans Bait..peg 22..87lb
6.Mark Pollard..peg29..86lb