Thursday, November 29, 2007

OPEN MATCH RESULTS Thursday 29.11.07

Open Match on Pathfield Lake on Thursday 29th November 2007


1st D. Smith (Future AC) 94lbs Peg 27

2nd P. Steward (Wickford AC) 77lbs 8oz Peg 6

3rd S. Joy (Wickford AC) 74lbs Peg 23

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday 27.11.07 Costcutter Open Result

Tuesday 27th November 2007

Costcutter Open Match on Wood Lake


1st John Green 77lbs Peg 16 Long Pole on Pellets

2nd Tony Cheeseman 43lbs Peg 27 Long Pole on Maggots

3rd Jim Trew 41lbs Peg 41 Long Pole on Pellets

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Saturday 24th November

Open Match on Wood Lake

1st S. Colclough 83lb Peg 26

2nd J. Binks 18lb 8oz Peg 27

3rd S. Hodder 18lb Peg 36

Sunday 25th November

Basildon Automation AC Match on Wood Lake

1st K. Williams 30lb 6oz Peg 4

2nd M. Newham 27lb 8oz Peg 26

3rd D. Hales 13lb Peg 16

Sunday 25th November

Big Johns AC Winter Match Pathfield Lake

1st J. Buck 54lb Peg 26

2nd E. Pearce 49lb Peg 24

3rd P. Hyde 33lb Peg 30

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Thursday 22nd November Pathfield Lake

1st John Hunt 69lbs Peg 9 ( Tubertini FMC)

2nd Lennie Goulding 44lb Peg 32 ( Colemans)

3rd Peter Binks 41lb Peg 4 ( Clacton)

3rd Mark Luther 41lb Peg 20 ( Oakwood)


Tuesday 20th November 2007
Costcutter Open Match Wood Lake

1st J. Green 41lb 12oz Peg 25 Pole at 10 m Bait Pellet

2nd L. Hill 35lb 12oz Peg 8 Pole Bait Worm & Caster

3rd T. Cheeseman 21lb 8 oz Peg 18 Pole at 14m Bait Corn

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Saturday 17th November 2007 Open Match on Wood Lake

1st T. Edwards 67lb 12oz Peg 26
2nd S. Tyler 56lb 4oz Peg 38
3rd P. Rounce 39lb 4oz Peg 37

Sunday 18th November 2007 Open Match on Wood Lake

1st M. Miles 37lb 8oz Peg 36
2nd S. Sams 34lb 0oz Peg 38
3rd J. Brooks 33lb 0oz Peg 34

Monday, November 19, 2007


We have a few dates, during week days and week ends, available for club matches during 2008

Telephone or fax Jayne, Gerry or the Tackle Shop with your requirements


Open matches are still being organised for Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturday. Telephone to enter your name for these matches.


We apologise for not dealing with the web site over the last few months. This will now be dealt with on a daily or weekly basis.

The anglers who have used our e-mail address for information, again we apologise. e-mails regarding angling questions or business will be dealt with on a daily basis.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Colemans Fishery has opened a Tackle Shop on site. This will be open on match days through the winter months.
If you require fishing tackle try us.
We have a wide range of baits and will be introducing maggots and worms after Christmas.

We have a good selection fishing tackle ideal for Christmas presents for the young and the not so young.

Come in and see us on your next visit.

Sunday Open Matches

During December open matches will be held on Pathfield Lake on the following dates:
Sunday 9th December
Sunday 16th December
Sunday 23rd December
Sunday 30th December

Interested parties can be included in the matches by letting Jane or Gerry know via telephone, fax, via this e-mail address or give your name to Barrie in the Tackle Shop.