Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thursday Open Result 29th May 2008


The Thursday open match was fished on Pathfield Lake.


1st John Bell 258lb Peg 19 A new 2008 record for
Pathfield Lake.

2nd Terry Edwards 244lb Peg 23

3rd Frank Thomas 177lb Peg 11

Seveall anglers topped the 100lb but could not get into
the top three.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday Result

The Tuesday cost cutter match was fished on Wood Lake.


1st Steve Joy 147 lb Peg 14

2nd Merv 130lb Peg 27

3rd Jim Trew 107lb Peg25

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mondays Sixty Peg Result

A sixty peg open match was on wood and Pathfield lakes
on Bank Holiday Monday 26th May 2008


1st D. Smith 166lb 12oz Peg 18 Wood Lake

2nd S. Sanders 152lb Peg 40 Wood Lake

3rd M. Sanders 142lb Peg 23 Wood Lake

4th R. Berryman 127lb 8oz Peg 33 Pathfield Lake

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Monday: Copse & Cottage

Tuesday: All but Pathfield

Wednesday: Copse, Cottage & part of Pathfield

Thursday: All but Pathfield

Friday: All available

Saturday: Cottage & Part of Pathfield

Sunday: Copse & Part of Pathfield.

Matches week ending 1st June 2008

Monday 26th May Sixty peg open match on Pathfield &

Tuesday 27th: Cost Cutters open match on Wood Lake.

Wednesday 28th: Mr Holmes members on Wood Lake
Mr Sherrings members on Pathfield

Thursday 29th: Open match on Pathfield

Saturday 30th: Open match on Wood Lake
Edmonton Ladies on Copse Lake
Dog & Pheasant Ac on Pathfield Lake.

Sunday 1st June Micro AC on Cottage
Dartford AC on Pathfield
Lee Chapel on Wood Lake

Saturdays open Result

The Saturday open match was fished on Wood lake on
Saturday 24th May. 23 anglers participated.


1st M. Sanders 115lb 12oz Peg 7

2nd R. Swann 114lb Peg 20

2nd J. Bell 114lb Peg 25

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Open Result

The thursday open match was fished on Pathfield Lake


1st Lennie Golding (Colemans) 164lb Golden Peg 14

2nd Frank Thomas 111lb Peg 32

3rd Peter Steward 98lb Peg 6

Tuesady Costcutter Result

The costcutter open match was fished on Wood
Lake on Tuesday 20th May


1st Gary Bell 105 lb Peg 10

2nd Jeff Church 86 lb Peg 23

2nd Colin Sinclair 86lb Peg 40

Monday, May 19, 2008


The Colemans Cottage Fishery has an excellent Restaurant
and Tackle Shop on site.

The restaurant is open on all match days and serve an
excellent breakfast and can provide drinks and snacks
through out the day.

The tackle shop has all the bait required to fish the
lakes including maggots and worms. A great selection
of other baits and the necessary equipment.

Why not try these two facilities it will certainly save
you time not having to chase round endeavouring to
obtain baits.


We have scheduled a sixty peg open match for Bank Holiday
Monday 26th May.
There are still a few places available.

Saturday 14th June we have planned our second junior match
to be fished on Pathfield Lake.

Please let the fishery know if any juniors would like to

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lakes available for Day Tickets W/E 25th May

The following lakes are available for Day Ticket Anglers:

Monday: All

Tuesday; All But Wood

Wednesday: All

Thursday: All but Pathfield

Friday: All

Saturday: Cottage & part of Pathfield

Sunday: Cottage and part of Pathfield.

Have a good days fishing

Matches scheduled for Week Ending 25th May

The following matches will take place during week
ending 25th May.

Tuesday: Cost Cutters open on Wood Lake

Thursday: Open on Pathfield Lake

Saturday: Open on Wood Lake.
We also welcome two clubs Sevenacres AC who will
being fishing part of Pathfield and E.D.A.C. will be
holding their open day on Copse Lake.

Why not come along and support the open day?

We welcome Debden AC, D&A Tackle AC & Dalston AC.
Debden will fish part of Pathfield
D&A Tackle will fish Wood
Dalston will fish Copse

Good luck to you all

Saturdays / Sundays Open Results 17th /18th May

The Saturday open match was fished on Wood Lake.
Tewnty three participated.


1st Gary Hamilton 144lb Peg 28

2nd Bill Marinor 124lb 4oz Peg 3

3rd G. Burton 120lb 4oz Peg 12

There was an open match on Copse Lake on Sunday
18th May


1st Wayne Candy 230lb Peg 11

2nd John Costa 98lb Peg 14

3rd Colin Miles 95lb Peg 5

Wayne's 230lb is the highest weight recorded this
year on Copse Lake

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Open Result

The Thursday open match was fished on Pathfield Lake

twenty nine anglers participated.


1st Dean Hunt 180lb Peg 9

2nd R. Williams 102lb Peg 10

3rd Darren Hutchinson 91lb Peg 6

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


We are arranging a JUNIOR Match for Saturday 14th
June 2008.

The match will be fished on Pathfield Lake. There will be
two sections to the match. Section one will be the age group
from 6 years to 9 years and section two will be the age group
from 10 years to 16 years.

The entrance fee will be £7 per angler.

Contact Colemans Fishery on 01376 516383 to book a place.

Tuesday Cost Cutter Open Result

The cost cutter open match was fished on Wood Lake on
Tuesday 13th May 2008.


1st Tony Cheeseman 80lb Peg 20

2nd Paul Beard 74lb 8oz Peg 16

3rd Micheal Brooker 74lb Peg 27

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lakes available for Day Tickets W/E 18th May

Tuesday: All but Wood Lake

Wednesday: All but Copse Lake

Thursday: All but Pathfield

Friday: All but Pathfield

Saturday: Pathfield & Cottage

Sunday: Cottage Lake only,

Have a great time at our waters

Matches for week ending 18th May 2008

The following Matches will be fished during week ending
18th May 2008.

Tuesday: Cost Cutter Open Wood Lake

Wednesday: Wednesday AC Copse Lake

Thursday: Open on Pathfield Lake

Friday: Marsh AC Pathfield Lake

Saturday: Open on Wood Lake
Abbey Blue AC Copse Lake

Sunday: Open on Copse Lake
Bagdag AC on Wood Lake
Downham Tackle on Pathfield Lake

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Week End Results to hand 11.5.08

Capgemini fished a match on Copse lake on Saturday
10th May 2008.


1st Adam Southgate 74lb 4oz Peg 16

2nd Jamie Lunn 58lb Peg 11

3rd Rob Tandy 54lb 7oz Peg 19

The Saturday open was fished on Wood Lake.
Thirty Three participated.


1st Micheal Saunders 138Lb

2nd Steve Slater 98lb

3rd Simon Colclough 89lb

During a day ticket on Pathfield Lake a 5lb Perch was
recorded. Photo pending.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Thursday 8th May open Result

The Thursday open match was fished on Pathfield
Lake. Twenty One anglers particpated.


1st Terry Edwards 198lb Peg 33

2nd Peter Steward 138lb Peg 2

3rd Lennie Golding 107lb Peg 19

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Monday 5th May Open

Fifty six anglers participated in the two lake open match on
Monday 5th May 2008. The anglers fished in glorious sun


1st John Bell 232lb Peg 23 Pathfield

2nd Paul Connell 182lb Peg 29 Pathfield

3rd A. Reynolds 146lb Peg 12 Wood

4th P. Chambers 142lb Peg 30 Wood

5th K. Chopping 134lb Peg 18 Wood

John's 232lb is the highest weight of 2008 to date. Watch
this space it could soon be beaten.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Sunday 4th May Club Results

There were two club matches on Sunday 4th May 2008

Cheam AC fished Pathfield Lake

1st John Longman 103lb 6oz

2nd Charlie Taylor 101lb 8oz

3rd Dennis Stubbenhagen 84lb 4oz

Winning peg numbers unknown

Becmain AS fished Copse Lake

1st D. Baisden 109lb Peg 6

2nd R. Harold 99lb 2oz Peg 4

3rd J. Patmore 56lb 6oz Peg 16

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Day Tickets Lakes available W/e 11th May

Monday (Bank Holiday) Copse & Cottage Lakes

Tuesday All but Wood Lake

Wednesday All

Thursday All but Pathfield

Friday All

Saturday Pathfield & Cottage Lakes

Sunday: Copse, Cottage and possibly part of Pathfield

Matches for Weekending 11th May 2008

Monday: Sixty Peg open on Pathfield & Wood

Tuesday: Cost Cutter Open on Wood Lake

Thursday: Open on Pathfield Lake

Saturday: Open on Wood Lake.

We also Welcome Gapgemni Ac who will fish
Copse Lake

Sunday: We welcome Walthamstow AC and Leytonstone

Walthamstow will fish Pathfield Lake

Leytonstone will fish Wood Lake

Saturdays Open Result

The open match was fished on Wood Lake on Saturday 3rd
May 2008. Thirty Three anglers participated.


Joint First: Peter Steward 110lb 8oz Peg 5
Danny Grimsey 110lb 08oz Peg7

3rd Dean Constable 82lb Peg28.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


The Thursday open match was fished on Pathfield lake on
1st May 2008


1st Tony Lee 180lb Peg 3

2nd Dean Hunt 123lb Peg 16

3rd Peter Steward 112lb Peg 15