Thursday, December 29, 2011

forthcoming /Opens

Bank Holiday Monday theres an open on Pathfield.

Tuesday Costcutter....Wood.

please book on via email or tele 01376 516383.

Stepfield/29th December/21 fished

1. Lennie Goulding peg 29 37lb
2. Rav Pasano peg 25 33lb
3rd Jim Collins peg 28 31lb
4th Barry Ernshaw peg 19 24lb
5. Bob Oakley peg 23 20lb
6. John Shepherd peg 2 19lb 8oz
7. Dennis Jarvis peg 31 19lb
8. Trevor Hayden peg 32 16lb
9. Cliff Adams peg 13 15lb
10. Terry Edwards peg 3 13lb 8oz

A cold wet and windy day made it hard for the anglers to present the baits and hard to fish to the island.......Lennie on peg 29 fished 4 to 5 metres out using 4ml & 6ml pellets his catch comprising of 18 tench & 2 f1s.
Rav on peg 25 fished the same tactics but used maggots for bait.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

forthcoming opens

Sorry Thursday 29th Dec on Stepfield is now full so no more names please.

The next open we are taking names for is the Tuesday costcutter on 2nd Jan.....

Day tickets are available throughout the week...

Theres a league on Stepfield commencing
15th Jan ... following dates for it thereafter are fortnightly
11/ places left so please call 01376 516383 asap to book on.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Tuesday costcutter/25 fished/Wood

1. Peter Steward peg 26 92lb 8oz
2. Tony Lee peg 28 83lb
3. Darren Hutchinson peg 19 68lb
4. Jim Collins peg 27 56lb 8oz
5. Taylor Thorpe peg 25 52lb
6. Steve James peg 7 48lb
6. Jason Collins peg 37 48lb
8. Paul Chambers peg 12 45lb
9. Steve Palmer peg 14 40lb
10. John Shepherd peg 21 39lb 8oz
11. Jim Trew peg 9 32lb 8oz
12. Gerry Bibbey peg 34 28lb best silver 24lb
13. Bob Neill peg 2 26lb 8oz
14. Les Hills peg 4 16lb
Barry Hatch DNW
Glen Butler DNW
James Colethorp DNW
Zoli Lari DNW
Rav Pisanna DNW
Barry Ernshaw DNW
John Costa DNW
Dave Rees DNW
Tommy Blundon DNW
Garvin Hazel DNW

Peter fished long to the island using 4ml pellet and caught all carp to 3lb

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday costcutter/14 fished Wood

1. Simon Colclough peg 4 100lb
2. Terry Coggin peg 28 72lb
3. Jim Trew peg 38 62lb
4. Lennie Goulding peg 14 59lb
5. Tommy Blundon peg 37 55lb
6. Cliff Adams peg 26 51lb
7. Trevor Hayden peg 30 50lb best silver net 44lb
7. Frank Thomas peg 32 50lb
9. Tony Day peg 19 49lb
10. Darren Hutchinson peg 2 28lb
11. Rav Pisana DNW
12. Mick Blinkhorn DNW
13. Garvin Hazel DNW
14. Les Hart DNW

Bit of a struggle with wind blowing and rain showers throughout the day but Simon managed to fish 15 metre's to the island using pellet and got 80lb of carp up to 3lb with a 20lb silver net made up of skimmers and F1s.Terry on peg 28 fished to the middle also using pellet.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday/ Club Matches

Following a bitterly cold night leaving cat ice on the waters early this morning the cold carried on through the day resulting in low weights...

Enfield A.C. fished Wood Lake.

1. Hugh Haladay...peg 30...30lb 12oz
2. John Eagle...peg 10...17lb 4oz
3. George Pullen ....7lb 14oz

Tendring Tanglers fished/Pathfield

1. Gary Hopper ...peg 2...79lb
2. Garvin Hazel...64lb
3. Paul Cox...57lb
4. Russel Folger...52lb
4. Adrian Colander...52lb
6. Dave Newman 35lb 8oz

Gary fished 13metres out feeding with 4ml pellet and 4ml on the hook catching carp to 5lb.

Bardag A .C fished Stepfield. (New lake).

1. Mo Brown...40lb
2. Colin Darren..37lb
3. Jeff ....36lb 15oz

Theres an open match on Tuesday & Sunday please mail or call to book on.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Tuesday Costcutter/17 fished/ Wood lake

1. Cliff Adams.. peg 26..81lb 8oz
2. Rav Pisanna .. peg 4..80lb
3. Jim Dodkins .. peg 30.. 76lb 8oz best silver net 24lb 8oz
4. Trevor Hayden..peg 39.. 56lb
5. Jim Trew .. peg 3 .. 54lb 8oz
6.Reg Pantin .. peg 28.. 49lb
7. Tony Day .. peg ..42lb
8. Ivan Coleman peg ..16.. 31lb 8oz
9. Tommy Blundon..peg 12..27lb
10. Mick Blinkhorn.. Peg 35..26lb
11. Lennie Goulding..peg..1..25lb

An overnight hard frost and very cold weather all day resulted in low weights, however with no wind Cliff out on the point at 26 was able to fish 14 .5. metres out to the island using pellet on the bottom with Rav coming a close second fishing long with maggot off of peg 4 .