Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday costcutter/11 fished

1. Kurt Chopin..Carier AC. peg 30..149lb
2.Joe Fowler..peg 36..144lb 8oz
3.M Paris..peg 9..121lb
4. Rav Piano..Colemans B&T..peg 11..99lb
5. J Bures..peg 34..82lb 8oz
6. S Bloomfield..peg 2..64lb 8oz
7. Robert Houlding..peg 6..60lb
8. P Solen..peg 28..58lb 8oz
9. A Mexomie..peg 25..56lb 8oz
10. L Hawkins..peg 4..51lb
11. J Nippess..peg 32..37lb

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tuesday costcutter/20 fished Wood

1. Gavin Bridge..Darens floats..peg 36..222lb
2. John Bell..peg 6.. 221 lb..
3. Tony Lee..Darens floats..peg 38..211lb 8oz
3. Charlie Styles..Army..peg 20..184lb 8oz
4. Joe Fowler..peg 28..182lb
5. Daren Hutchinson..Darens Floats..peg 22..173lb 8oz
6. Rav Pisano..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 9..162lb 8oz
7. Alan Lee..Bills Tackle..peg 10..158lb 8oz
8. Jim Dodkins..Colemans..peg 34..148lb 8oz
10. B Cheeseman..peg 40..124lb 8oz

Good weights coming out all round..
John going over with 27lb between his 2 carp nets had to settle for 2nd place

Sunday, July 27, 2014

This weeks opens

Tuesday costcutter £16..Wood..Draw 9am..Fish 10-4
Thursday costcutter/Pathfield £16. super pool £5 Draw 11.30am fish 1pm -6pm
Sunday Stepfield  £23..draw 8.30..Fish 10 -4

Please book on for the matches.

Matches... All Nets must be DRY they will be checked prior to start of matches.
2 Carp nets and 1 Silver net  . Carp and F1s in Carp nets..Carp under 8oz to go in Silver net.

70lb weight per net if you go over a little you will lose that weight leaving you with 70lb. Should you go over 85lb that net will be disqualified completely.
We do hire out nets.

Thank you for your co-operation.


1. Dave Vincent..Carier AC..peg 5..215lb
2. Mick Vincent..Carier AC,,peg 23..182lb
3. Alan Leuchford..peg 25..162lb 8oz
4. Jeff Church..Maver/Colemans B&T/Matchpack..peg 3..156lb
5. Brian Mansfield..peg 11...123lb
6. John Shepherd..peg 21..120lb 8oz
7. Tony Lee..Darens Floats..peg 15..117lb 8oz
8. C Chardler..peg 13..98lb
9. Jeff Foreman..Maver/Colemans B&T/MP..peg 19..91lb
10.  John Sycamore..Carier AC..peg 17..76lb
11. Keith Smith..peg 7..74lb 8oz

Dave and Mick both fished up in the water using top 2 and in the margins for Carp to 3lb and F1s.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday costcutter/12 fished Pathfield

1. Kurt Chopin..Carier AC. peg 36...125lb
2. J Collop..peg 32..117lb 8oz
3. Jeff Church..Maver/Colemans B&T/Matchpack..peg 34..109lb 8oz
4. D Fields,,peg 26..105lb 8oz
5. J Eldred..peg 2..94lb
6. Roger Gillingham..Crown Tackle..peg 30..93lb 8oz
7. L Hawkins..peg 4..87lb 8oz
8. Jim Trew..Maver/Colemans B&T/Matchpack..peg 6..75lb
8. Rav Pisano..Colemans B&T..peg 9..75lb
10. Jeff Foreman..Maver/Colemans B&T/MP.peg 28..67lb 8oz
11. Trevor Hayden..peg 11..65lb
12. Denis Jarvis..Colemans..peg 13..62lb

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday costcutter/19 fished Wood

1. Gary Bell... Lakelands..peg 9..208lb 8oz
2. Jeff Church..Maver/Colemans/MP.peg 37...168lb
3. Gavin Bridge..Colemans B&T..peg 25..158lb 8oz
4. Mark Banks..peg 19..158lb
5. Tony Martin..peg 7..147lb
6. P Passmore..peg 1..143lb
7. Rav Pisano..Colemans B&T.peg 23..142lb
8.Jim Dodkins..Colemans..peg 3..136lb 8oz
9. Gary Hollick..Suffolk..peg 11..127lb
10. Daren Hutchinson...peg 33..116lb
11. Tony Day..Colemans B&T..peg 39..111 lb
12.J Carty..peg 29..109lb 8oz
13.Kim Hollick..Suffolk..peg 13..91lb 4oz
14. Jim Trew..Maver/Colemans/MP..88lb 8oz
15. Les Hills..Maver/Colemans/MP..peg 15..80lb 4oz
16. Jeff Foreman..Maver/Colemans/MP..peg 5..80lb
17. Keith Killock..peg 27..72lb 8oz
18. Peter Emery..peg 21..68lb
19. N Franks..peg 31..66lb

Following on from his win here on Saturday Gary again fished pellet feeder coming into the margins late into the match. Not only to come out top this match but to win one of  the golden pegs as well. With the weather staying bright and sunny weights were good all round.

This weeks opens

Thursday costcutter..1pm - 6pm..Draw 11.30..£16
Sorry no Saturday AT Semi Final
Sunday open on Stepfield..£23

Saturdays Maver Qualifier/Wood,Stepfield,Pathfield,Copse 108

1. Gary Bell. Lakelands..peg 12..Wood..169lb 8oz
2. Jimmy Brooks..peg 19...Pathfield 143lb
3. Danny Grimsey..Image.peg 10...Wood..125lb 8oz
4. Nathan Watson..peg 3 Wood..122lb 8oz
5. Scott Jones..Miricle Bait..peg 32..Stepfield..109lb
5. Gary Upjohn..Carier AC..peg 6..Wood..109lb
7. Geoff Vallance..Delcac.. Stepfield..peg 6. ..108lb 8oz
8. Gary Miller..Image..peg 23..Pathfield..101lb
9. Paul Chambers..Browning Wickford..peg 2...Wood.98lb 8oz
10. Simon Colclough..Browning Wickford..peg 19..Wood..94lb
11. Gavin Bridge..Colemans B&T..peg 8..Stepfield..93lb 8oz
12. Tom Wallis..peg 14..Copse..90lb
13. Alex Bates..peg 15..Copse..88lb
14. Marrus..peg 17 Stepfield..87lb
15. Danny Mason..Bills Tackle..peg 27..Wood..83lb 8oz
16. Glen Butler..peg 11..Wood..82lb 8oz
17. Martin Trice..peg 40..Wood..79lb 8oz
18. Daren Hutchinson....peg 3..Pathfield..76lb
19. S Bloomfield..peg 2..Stepfield..72lb 14oz
20. Neil Adcock..peg 47..Stepfield..71lb 8oz
21.Dean Swift..peg 33..Wood..69lb 8oz
22. D Davis...peg 23..Stepfield..68lb 4oz
23. P Whiting..peg 11..Stepfield..68lb
24. Ross Harald..peg 33..Pathfield..65lb
25. G Picton..peg 41..Stepfield..63lb
25. Chris Van der Fleit..peg 12..Copse..63lb
25. Paul Hills..peg22..Pathfield..63lb
28. Dean Lock..peg 5..Copse..62lb 8oz
29. Jason Nash..peg 25..Wood..61 lb 8oz
30. Peter Upperton..peg 24..Wood..59lb 8oz
30. A. Southgate..peg 18.Stepfield.59lb 8oz
32. Adam Playford..peg 12..Pathfield..59lb
32. R Taylor..peg 20..Stepfield..59lb
34. C Kelly..peg 3...Stepfield..56lb 8oz
35. S Granger..peg 8c Pathfield..56lb
35.Zac Brown..peg 15..Pathfield..56lb
37. Tony Martin..peg 10..Copse..55lb 8oz
38. Paul Swan peg 12..Stepfield..54lb 4oz
39. Jason Collins..peg 53.Stepfield.54lb
40.John Owen..peg 1..Wood..50lb 8oz
41. Andrew Dearing  peg 44..Stepfield..49lb 8oz
41. Lee Edwards..peg 52..Stepfield..49lb 8oz
43. J Wincup..peg 29..Stepfield..49lb
43.Raymond King..peg 2..Pathfield..49lb
45. R Beeston..peg 21Stepfield...48lb 4oz
46. A Tuck..peg 26..Stepfield..47lb
46. R Hearn..peg 3..Copse..47lb
48. Wayne Martin..peg 27..Stepfield..46lb 8oz
49. Paul Reddy..peg 14..Stepfield..46lb
49. P Pritchard..peg 43..Stepfield..46lb

Following storms and heavy rain on Thursday and Friday weights were down a little but by the start of the match at 11am the skys cleared for a sunny day.  Gary fished pellet feeder for the first 3 hours to land his first 100lb of carp and F1s going down the edge with corn for the last 2 hours to catch fish in the margins.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday open Pathfield/Stepfield wood side 32 fished

..... Stepfield.
1.A Oaks..peg 8..164lb
2.P Passmore..peg 30..150lb
3. Givano..peg 18..130.8oz
4. M Bracknell peg 16..118lb 8oz
5. R Hatch..peg 6..117lb
5. A Gale...117lb
7. A Lee.. peg 2..116lb
8. Gary Bell..Lakelands..peg 12..111lb
9. R Spence..peg 26..98lb
10. P Raymond..peg 4..94lb
11. R Goldstone..peg 22..90lb 8oz
12. A McTiffin..peg 14..85lb 8oz
13. R Kerrner..peg 10..80lb
14. J Carty..peg 24..76lb
15. W Hughes..peg 20..60lb
16.  peg 28 D.N.W.

1. Dave Moss..Colemans..peg 6.. 186lb
2. Terry Edwards..Browning Wickford..peg 36..151 lb 8oz
3. D Henegan..peg 30..120lb
4. Brian Mansfield.. peg 11..116lb 8oz
5. M Seymore..peg 15..97lb 8oz
6. L Hawkins..peg 17..87lb
7. D Theakstone..peg 34..84lb 8oz
8. N Franks..peg 19..74lb 8oz
9. M Rees..peg21..70lb
10. P Williamson..peg 23..68lb 8oz
11. N Smith..peg 2..64lb 8oz
12. C Summers..peg 28..56lb
13. G Mustow..peg 9..50lb 8oz
14 .P Raymond..peg 4..45lb
15. J Stewart..peg 26..40lb 8oz
16. peg 32..D.N.W

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Costcutter/18 fished Pathfield

1. Tony Martin.. peg 16..104lb 8oz
2. Frank Thomas..Browning Wickford..peg 8c..95lb 8oz
3. A Mexhome..peg 10..78lb
3. S Bloomfield..peg 14..78lb
5. Gary Bell..Lakelands..peg 32..77lb 8oz
6. M Paris..peg 2..65lb 4oz
7. L Harkness..peg 4..65lb
8. Roger Gillingham..Crown Tackle..peg 28..63lb 8oz
9. Dave Moss..Colemans..peg 19..59lb
10.. Jeff Forman..Colemans B&T/Matchpack..peg 12..54lb 8oz
10. A Burns..peg 26..54lb 8oz
11. V Grillo..peg 17..58lb
13. Dusty..peg 6..54lb
14. G Loveday..peg 34..52lb 8oz
15. T Hicks..peg 23..48lb 8oz
16. P Solem..peg 30..44lb
17. G Cooper..peg 21..32lb
18. D.N.W.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday costcutter/16 fished Wood

1. Gary Bell...Lakelands..peg 18..194lb
2. Jeff Church..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 6..162lb
3. Barry Hatch..Burts Baits..peg 26..155lb
3. Rav Pisano..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 31.155lb
5. Kim Hollick..Suffolk..peg 20..151lb
6. Cliff Adams..Browning Wickford..peg 15..149lb 8oz
7. Peter Binks..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 40..144lb
8. Gavin Bridge..Colemans B&T/DH Floats..peg
9. Tony Day..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 4..136lb
10. Jim Trew..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 2..120lb
11. James Foot..peg 23..106lb 8oz
12. Tony Martin..peg 10..105lb
13. S Miline..peg 34..102lb
14. Gary Hollick..Suffolk..peg 8..90lb 8oz
15. B Cheeseman..peg 12..67lb
16. Jim Dodkins..Colemans..peg 28..57lb

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday open/22 fished wood side Stepfield

1. A Oakes..peg 11..91lb 8oz
2. Dave Vincent..Carier AC..peg 25..80lb 8oz
3. Mick Vincent..Carier AC..peg 8..72lb
4. N Smith..peg 13..67lb
5. Chris Sale..Bills Tackle..peg 4..56lb 8oz
6. D Hollsworth..Harlow ang..peg 16..54lb
6. Alan Lee..Bills Tackle..peg 29..54lb
8. John Peters..Carier AC..peg 14..52lb
9. A Southgate..peg 23..47lb
10. Steve Daniels..peg 1..44lb
11. G McClair..Hollow..peg 2..34lb
12. Damien Curtis..CarierAC..peg 20..32lb
13. P Spence..Harlow AC..peg 26..31lb 8oz
14. P Currell..peg 19..31lb
15. S Childs..peg 32..29lb
16. S Silman..peg 7..26lb 8oz
17. A Gale..peg 17..23lb 8oz
5 D.N.W.

Weights were down today following all night rain plus heavy rain storms throughout the day interspersed by sunshine. However Alan on peg 11 had a good day fishing deep  top 4 with pellet.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Open/25 fished Wood

1. Nick Darke..Got Baits..peg 3..143lb
2. Giovanni..Guildford Ang..peg 2..132lb
3. Rav Pisanao..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 8..131lb
4. Roger Gillingham..Crown Tackle..peg 29..129lb
5. Jon Bell...peg 11..125lb 8oz
6. Jeff Church..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 9..118lb
7. M Cooper..peg 35..113lb
8. Wayne Candy..Browning Wickford..peg 34..108lb
9. Chris Van der Fleet..peg 23..104lb 8oz
10. Daren Hutchinson...peg 5..101lb 8oz
11. Dale Smith..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 25..91lb
12. W Reynalds..peg 26..88lb 8oz
13. D Carter..peg 31..85lb
14. J Taylor..peg 40..84lb
15. P Cooper..peg 17..83lb
16. L Hawkins..peg 28..82lb
17. G Rose..peg 6..80lb 8oz
18. D Fields,,peg 13..80lb
19. J Collop..peg 15..77lb
20. S Parkin..peg 22..75lb
21. D Roberts..peg 38..68lb
22. Gary Burton..peg 20..57lb 8oz
23.A Reynalds..peg 37...53lb

2 x D.N.W

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Tuesday costcutter/18 fished Wood

1. Gary Bell...Lakelands..peg 4..190lb
2. Jim Trew..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 20..171lb 8oz
3. Tony Lee..DH Floats..peg 16..169lb
4. Peter Steward..Browning Wickford..peg 10..159lb
5. Gavin Bridge..Colemans B&T/DH Floats..peg 40..139lb
6. Jeff Church..Matchpack/DH Floats..peg 2..131lb
7. Alan Lee..Bills Tackle..peg 14..127lb
8. Cliff Adams..Browning Wickford..peg 6..114lb 8oz
9. Daren Hutchinson..DH Floats..peg 18..113lb
10. Gary Hollick..Suffolk..peg 27..109lb
11. D Roberts..peg 25..90lb
12. John Bell..peg 12..88lb
13. Tony Day..peg 9..59lb
14. S Parkin..peg 33..51lb
15. Paul Rodger..peg 36..48lb

Gary fished feeder to land 110lb  of carp before changing to fishing down the edge with corn to land a further 80lb of carp to 12lb

Best silver net was Cliff with a 24lb net

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sunday Open/22 fished Stepfield/old side

1. Jeff Church...Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 2..111lb
2. R Heath..peg 8..110lb
3. Dave Vincent..peg 28..100lb
4. J Heaps..peg 12..90lb 8oz
5. P Franklyn..peg 11..79lb 8oz
6. M Vincent..peg 5..72lb
7. R Holdworth.. peg 4..69lb
8. D Cooper..peg 25..67lb
9.L Sharrif..peg 10..56lb
10. J Taylor..peg 33..53lb
11. P Williamson..peg 15..52lb
12. Del Truelove...Colemans..peg 16..48lb
13.Peter Hunt..peg 14..47lb
14. A Southgate..peg 19..44lb
15. Giovani...Guilford..peg 21..43lb 8oz
16. R Holdsworth..peg 26..41 lb
17. J Downham..peg 17..peg 36lb
18. D Carter..peg 23..31lb
19. P Rogers..peg 20..24lb 8oz

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Saturday Open/23 Fished Stepfield

1. Alan Lee..Bills Tackle..peg 11..251. lb 8oz
2. Simon Levy..Jordon..peg 49..172lb
3. Jeff Church..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 49..155lb
4. D Cooper..peg 43..140lb
5. Steve Daniels..peg 41..130lb
6. P Marsh..peg 13...114lb
7. D Roberts..peg 21..112lb
8. Tony Lee..DH Floats..peg 53..109lb
9. D.P. Cooper..peg 15..104lb 8oz
10. M Erritt..peg 37..104lb
11. S Jones..peg 17..103lb
12. G Rose..peg 27..101lb
13. Daren Hutchinson..DH Floats..peg 39..100lb
14. L Hawkins..peg 23..90lb 8oz
15. M Cooper..peg 19..87lb
16. P Hunt..peg 45..85lb
17. S Parkin..peg 29..72lb
18. P Raymond..peg 25..68lb 8oz
19. D Carter ..peg 55..65lb
20. C Lunt..peg 33..56lb
21. D Jackson..peg 35..51lb 8oz
22. Wally..peg 51..47lb
23. J Chardler..peg 47..34lb

Alan fished paste down the edge all day to break Stepfields Lakes record weight. He had 140lb of carp to 3lb with the rest of his weight being made up of F1s..and then losing 6lb by going over the 70lb net limit and another 5lb of silvers he put back in not having a spare net.
Simon fished 5 metres out up in the water for a while before going down the edge with paste.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Thursday costcutter/Pathfield

1. Jeff Church..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 4..185lb 8oz
2. Gavin Bridge..Colemans B&T/DH Floats..peg 30..144lb
3. Frank Thomas..Browning Wickford..peg 30..143lb
4. Tony Day..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 2..114lb
5. Roger Gillingham..Crown Baits..peg 34..108lb 8oz
6. Jim Trew..Matchpack/Colemans B&T..peg 17..87lb
7. Mick Miles..Ockendon..peg 8c.79lb
8.Steve Riley..Ockendon..peg 10..71lb
9. Jeff Foreman..peg 19..69lb 8oz
10. L Hawkins..peg 21..63lb

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Tuesday costcutter/25 fished Wood

1. Frank Thomas..Browning Wickford..peg 28..115lb
2. Tony Day..Colemans Cottage Bait & Tackle..peg
3. Barry Hatch..Burts Baits..peg 38..101lb
4. Gavin Bridge..Colemans B&T/DH Floats..peg 16..92lb
5. B Cheeseman..peg 9..91lb 8oz
6. Steve Riley.Ockendon...peg 29..91lb
7. Gary Hollick..Suffolk..peg 1..84lb 8oz
7. Roger Gillingham..Crown Tackle..peg 14..84lb 8oz
9. Glen Butler.Maver/Marukya/Angling Direct.peg 5..82lb
10. Daren Hutchinson..DH Floats..peg 2..80lb 8oz
11. Mick Blinkhorn..Colemans Bait & Tackle..peg 40..77lb
12. S Martin..peg 35..74lb
13. D Cooper..peg 4..72lb
14. Gary Bell..Lakelands..peg 26..69lb 8oz
15. Kim Hollick..Suffolk..peg 20..67lb 8oz
16. Andy Leroy..Colemans..peg 8..64lb
17. Mick Miles..Ockendon..peg 18..56lb
18. P Williamson..peg 37..47lb