Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday open/Wood

1st / Bernie Fraser / peg 16 / 75lb
2nd Jeff Church / peg 4 / 70lb 8oz
3rd Paul Law / peg 28 / 47lb 8oz
4th Russell/ peg 26 / 43lb


1st Jeff Church / peg 11 / 85lb
2nd Frank Thomas / peg 26 / 49lb
3rd Bernie Fraser / peg 33 / 38lb
4th Gary Hopper / peg 3 / 34lb 8oz

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


1st Gary Bell / peg 12 / 83lb
2nd Dave Ratcliff / peg 6 /78lb 2oz
3rd Tony Blundon / peg 16 /61lb
4th Jim Trew / peg 4 / 51lb

Silver net Alan Lee / peg 34 / 24lb 8oz

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Open / Pathfield

1st Bernie Fraser / 97lb / peg 11
2nd Wayne Candy / 86lb / peg 14
3rd Steve Palmer / 36lb 8oz/peg 33
4th Jake Hopper / 33lb / peg 16

Bernie fished 16metre's to the island using pellet -carp to 4lb and 15lb of silver

Thursday /Pathfield / £14

1st Bernie Fraser / 77lb 2oz /peg 30
2nd Garry Hopper / 50lb / peg 33
3rd Jake Hopper / 46lb 10oz/ peg 26
4th George Tebb / 45lb / peg 9

Tuesday Costcutter/Wood

1st Alex Reynalds / peg 29/ 162lb 12oz
2nd Cliff Adams / peg 8 / 93lb 4oz
3rd Dave Ratcliff / peg 4 /89lb 8oz
4th Jeff Church / peg 12 / 58lb 8oz

Alex fished 14 metres out to the island off the shelf in 5' water using single red maggot

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday 15th February 2009

What a great day no sign of ice,snow, rain or gales just a nice bright day.

A big thank you to all who have continued to fish through all this awful weather and prove what good sports you are.

Our Tuesday open on Wood and
Thursday on Pathfield are picking up again and from March the Saturday open returns to every Saturday and we have some opens on some Sundays throughout the year

Sunday 22nd February/Pathfield
Sunday 1st March /Wood
Sunday 8th March /Copse
Sunday 15th March /Pathfield
Sunday 22nd March / Copse
Sunday 29th March / Copse
Sunday 5th April /Pathfield
Sunday 19th April / Wood

Good Friday April 10th and
Easter Monday 13th April

Please get your names on for the Easter matches asap and then we will know whether we need 2 lakes or 1

With some league matches coming close to date if you are coming for a pleasure fish to practice please phone first to see which lakes are available . To make sure we are about to answer the phone it's best to ring on any of the match days from 7.30 am - 10 00am otherwise please leave a number on the answer phone and we will get back to you. Alternatively Gerry's mobile is 07710609597

Many Thanks

Sunday Open/ Pathfield /15th Feb

1st Terry Edwards / peg 2 / 76lb
2nd Sid Roberts / peg 6 / 29lb
3rd John Costa / 27lb 4oz
4th Trevor Davis /25lb 12oz

Saturday Open/Wood Lake/ 14th Feb

1st Dave Ratcliff / peg 4 / 33lb 14oz
2nd Kevin Carter / peg 6 / 28lb
3rd Phil Bloxham / peg 38 / 22lb 8oz
4th Jim Trew / peg 20 / 18lb 4oz