Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Tuesday 9 fished Old Stepfield

1st...Alex Reynalds...peg 22....180lb
2. Jim Barrowman..peg 30...176lb 8oz
3. Craig Truslove..peg 13...169lb
4..Cliff Adams..peg 17..164lb
5..Gavin Bridge..peg 26..146lb 8oz
6..Tony Coleman..peg 8..133lb 8oz
7.Colin Marshall..peg 11..132lb
8. Andrew Moses..peg2..53lb
9. ..Mick Hall...peg 6...50lb

Thursdays members match is on New Stepfield
Please book on with Andrew on Colemans facebook page or with Gerry mob 07710 609 597


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