Sunday, March 04, 2018

Sunday league/mainline/40 fished

1.Paul Chambers...Sensas/Colemans..peg 15..Copse..76 lb 8oz
2. Jamie Thompson..peg 9..Wood...33 lb 8oz
3. Rob Heath..peg 5..Copse..29 lb 8oz
4. Simon Colclough..peg 13..Copse..28 lb

Sections Copse

Gavin Bridge...peg 17..21 lb

Pathfield Sections..
Monty..peg 32..19 lb 8oz
Jamie McGuire..peg 17..15lb
Julian Collop..peg 19..8 lb 4oz

Wood Sections
Gary Horlick..Peg 7..18 lb 8oz
Peter Steward..peg 22..22 lb 14 oz
Pat Cooper..peg 25...22 lb 14 oz

Following bad weather conditions throughout the week this was our first match since last Sunday with the lads having to break ice for this 5 hour match.
Started off at 2 c with sun breaking through early in the morning thawing out the ice but then turning to torrential rain at 12.00.

Paul fished 4ml pellet in front at 10 metres all day to catch a mix  of carp, f1s and skimmers .


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