Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday 1st Round of the Spring League..76 fished

1.Danny Grimsey..Maver/Image..peg 35..Wood..79 lb 8oz
2. J Taylor ...Browning Wickford..peg 56..Stepfield..77 lb 8oz
3. Tony Curd..MAP..peg 38...Wood..77lb
4. Tom Wallis..peg 45..Stepfield..73 lb
5. Gary Ford..peg 2..Pathfield..73 lb 8oz
6. Steve Palmer.Tendring Tanglers..peg 55..Stepfield..72 lb

Danny fished long pole to the lilly pads with maggot and short with pellet to land Carp and F1s while James losing out to first place after going over in his net by 8lb caught mainly F1s fishing 4 - 14 metres.

Despite overnight rain and it being a bitterly cold day with gusts of wind 3/4 s of the field caught at least 40 lb of fish.


Wood..Sec 1..D Henegan..peg 8..54 lb
            Sec 2..Trevor Hayden..peg 37..57 lb

Pathfield..Sec 1..James Heaps..peg 6..59 lb
                Sec 2.. R Holdsworth..peg 36..65 lb
                Sec 3..D Smith..peg 21..47 lb
                Sec 4..Jim Barrowman..peg 23..47 lb

Copse..Sec 1..G Cooper..peg 5..50 lb 8oz

Stepfield..Wood side..Sec 1..Gavin Bridge..peg 4..68 lb 8oz
                                    Sec 2..Simon Colclough..peg 17..54 lb
                                    Sec 3..Dean Hunt..peg 32..54 lb

Stepfield..New side..Sec 1..Steve Clarke..peg 43..48 lb
                                 Sec 2..Gary Hollick..peg 51..42 lb 8oz
                                 Sec 3..Mark Brown..peg 59..58 lb


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