Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday/Wood/Stepfield old side- 38 fished

1. Tom Wallis..peg 28..Wood..142 lb 4oz
2. Terry Edwards..peg 8..Stepfield..140 lb 8oz
3. Peter Binks..peg 11..Stepfield..138lb
4. Steve Clark..peg 40...Wood..112lb 12oz

Top 10

1.Tom Wallis..peg 28..Wood..peg 28..142lb 4oz
2.Terry Edwards..peg 8..Stepfield..140 lb..8oz
3. Peter Binks..peg 11..Stepfield..138lb
4. Jason Collins..peg 13.Stepfield..131 lb
5. Jeff Church..peg 23..Stepfield..126lb
6. Steve Clark..peg 40..Wood..112 lb 12oz
7. Trevor Hayden...peg 12..Wood..107lb 4oz
8. Mark Brown..peg 3...Stepfield..102lb
9. Andy Bolt..peg 27.Stepfield..101 lb 4oz
10. P Smith..peg 11..Wood..95lb

Section 1. Les Hawkins..peg 9..80lb 8oz
Section 2. Trevor Hayden..peg 12..107lb 4oz
Section 3.Gavin Bridge..peg 26..82lb 8oz
Section 4. Pat Cooper..peg 37..60lb


Section 1.Mark Brown..peg 3..102lb
Section 2.JasonCollins..peg 13..131 lb
Section 3. Jeff Church..peg 23..126lb

Tom fished 6 metres and 12 metres using pellets and maggots


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