Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday costcutter/25 fished Pathfield

1. Phil Pasiera...Browning Wickford..peg 29...131lb
2. Frank Thomas..Browning Wickford..peg 25..86lb
3. Pat Cooper..Cariers..peg 26...84lb
4. Gavin Bridge..Cariers..peg 25..80lb
5. Trever Hayden,,Matchpack/Angling Direct..peg 28..70lb
6. Bruce Welfare..Bowlers..peg 12..69lb
6. Andrew Farley..Brightlingsea,,peg 15..69lb
8. Les Hart..peg 17..61lb
9. Tony Lee..DC Floats..peg 36..56lb
10. Tony Martin..peg 2..54lb
10.Paul Bird..Essex Police..peg 33..54lb
12. Jim Dodkins..Colemans..peg 7..53lb
13. Mick Miles..Ockendon Bait & Tackle..peg 23..51lb
14. John Bell..Colemans..peg 16..42lb
15. Jim Trew..Matchpack /Angling Direct..peg 11.40lb
16. Andy LeRoy..Colemans..peg 9..38lb
16. Sid Neil..Colemans..peg 14..38lb

Phil fished long using 6ml pellet coming in close late in the day.
Tony on peg 36 had best silver net with 23lb.


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