Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday costcutter/24 fished Wood

1. Cliff Adams...Browning Wickford..peg 38...155lb 8oz
2. Jeff Church...Direct Angling/Matchpack..peg 6...132lb
3. Dave Vincent..Browning..peg 12...107lb
4. Jim Dodkins..Colemans..peg 36...105lb 4oz
5. Peter Binks..Walton..peg 25...105lb
6. Frank Thomas..Browning Wickford..peg 10..73lb
7. Darren Hutchinson..DC Floats..peg 3..70lb
8. Rav Pisana..Galleywood..peg 32..68lb
9. Tom Blundon..peg 26..65lb
10.Paul Cox ..peg 39...58lb
11. Tony Day..Vange & Pitsea..peg 34..53lb
12 Kurt Choppin..Cariers..peg 18..51lb
13. Jim Trew..Direct Ang/Matchpack..peg  23..49lb


Cliff fished long to the island with 4ml pellet and maggot while Jeff still sticking to his usual tactics fished down the edge with paste and was rewarded with the fish coming in late...Rav on 32 had the best silver net of 68lb.


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