Friday, July 31, 2009

4th Round Juniors Match /Pathfield/19 fished

8-11 years old

1st G Mannall 43lb
2nd L Brindley 39lb 6oz
3rd T Philips 29lb

12 - 16 years old

1st B Cant 92lb 8oz
2nd C Trulove 85lb 8oz
3rd K Hollick 72lb 8oz

Paste pellet and corn in the margins produced good results.
The lovely sunny weather contributed into making this a good days fishing for all.
These were the best results yet all round.
Thanks again to Dell for doing all the organising and to all those who help with the weigh in etc and to all the juniors for being such good sports and making it a good day for all who are involved with it.


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